TKJ -Down but not Out -The writer cries ‘ENOUGH!’

You novelists out there may appreciate this and to all you readers here’s an insight into the trials and tribulations of a writer. Not just me but ALL writers.

Open on my laptop is a copy of The King’s Jew – Book two.



I’ve been working on it most of the day – apart from a trip to my local coffee house for rest and recuperation! TWICE!

I’m sick of Book Two.

I’ve just about had enough of it. Though it started out as a labor of love and could have been sent out into the big wide world at least four months ago I made a fatal error.

An ERROR I hear you cry. What sort of an error?



Well, a very tiny one – so it seemed at first. You see, I thought an additional chapter needed to be inserted. Not a very long chapter but one that would tie up a very small loose end.


By setting out on that small modification things gradually got out of hand. The darn book took on a mind of its own and I found myself reduced to the position of slave locked in chains by the words not yet written.



Writer in chains


This medieval historical adventure, mystery, love story, tale of companionship and honor was originally meant to be a trilogy. But guess what happened?

It’s turned into a quartet!!! That means I not only have to get all the I’s crossed and the T’s dotted (deliberate mistake for those who are paying attention) but I have to write another bloody book!

Oh, I could conceivably just keep it as three books but that wouldn’t tell the darn story properly and that’s what a real writer does, isn’t it? TELLS THE BLOODY STORY!

So why am I assailing you readers and writers with my troubles?

Because you need to know that the finished article/book/novel you have just read and enjoyed can sometimes be as hard as the labours of Sisyphus to produce.



Will it never end?


That’s how I feel right now anyway and that is why I broke off to pen this little tirade.

Book Two is still lurking in the background of my PC and I know I have to get back to it but for goodness sake, I just needed a break.

Maybe, just maybe, when I open the window to view Book Two a miracle will have happened and some Deus ex Machina will have come down from above and – as if by magic – finished the thing for me. I’m not holding my breath!



Deus ex Machina


In conclusion – this new work is due for publication in December and IT WILL BE DONE. After all, I had to get my art department to change the cover to reflect the changes inside. I had to keep putting back the publication date to reflect the extra work involved AND – last but not least – I have to say that apart from anything else I have enjoyed making these changes. It completes the work, adds not subtracts and I just hope all you readers out there enjoy it.

If you don’t then it’s not from any form of complacency on my part. I’ve done my best and if that ain’t good enough then write one of your own! Ooo that wasn’t very nice was it?

Oh, and if you want to get Book One whilst you’re in the mood then just click here The King’s Jew Book One.

Thank you for listening. Back to work now. I enjoyed the break. Much love from me and a kiss for the ladies and a beer for the men. Or whichever takes your fancy.



For the ladies



For the boys




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