“The King’s Jew” – Its Journey and a FREE COPY for YOU!

UPDATE 18/11/2015

The winners of the free book (as detailed below) are –

Terrylee Warren – D W Wilkin  and Annie Whitehead

Congratulations and thank you for entering – sadly if you, dear reader, want a copy then the outlets are listed below. Maybe next time eh?


This post is suitable for you readers out there and also my fellow Authors / Writers (published or not).

I’ll keep this short and sweet and concentrate on the salient facts so far.

Every writer needs a reader. Every reader needs a well-written book but we writers need something extra – we require exposure – otherwise the reader is unaware of what’s available.

And so it came to pass – getting biblical eh? – that I sought out the best literary gatekeepers I could find (for ‘gatekeepers’ read Literary Agents). Eventually a nice lady agent (and well respected in the literary world) took up my challenge and expressed more than a passing interest in “The King’s Jew”. Channels of communication opened and it seemed I had found my goal of mainstream publishing.


Changes were suggested – including the title. I went along with the process with beating heart. I was asked to withdraw “The King’s Jew” from sale, with a view to it being taken up by one of the ‘Big’ publishers. Agents don’t make decisions on their own though and, sadly, the offer of representation was eventually withdrawn. To say I then ‘wondered lonely as a cloud’ is an understatement!

So what to do next?

Well I’d made a few changes, rectified some typos, had the book reformatted and even had a suggestion as to a different style of cover (I’d even changed the title!!! And that hurt).

Then I saw an article in the news feed concerning a new publishing venture called Pronoun – here’s a link – https://pronoun.com/ The blurb went as follows

“Sell your book on all major retailers, and keep 100% of your earnings.”

Sound too good to be true?

“The King’s Jew” had only been for sale under the ever darkening umbrella of Amazon and achieved good sales and reviews. But what if I could get it out to the other retailers quickly and easily with ‘Pronoun’ as the designated publisher? I delved deeper into the ‘Pronoun’ raison d’être and was rather impressed.

It seemed I could upload my book file and ‘Pronoun’ would convert it into an eBook suitable for and sold on; Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, Barnes and Noble and Apple.  AND I get to keep all monies from sales as ‘Pronoun’ currently takes not one cent from me (sales are subject to normal Amazon type percentages though – but that’s normal). AND I have increased my sales outlets fivefold!

To sum up – the main title stays the same (thanks to the advice of my many Facebook readers and friends who helped in my decision). The subtitle changed so it is now

“The King’s Jew.

Book One. At the tomb of King Edward the First. Westminster, 1307”

And is available at the following outlets:

Amazon = http://amzn.to/1WTrZMv

Kobo = http://bit.ly/1NEdzzd

Google Play = http://bit.ly/1MIR0nQ

Apple iTunes = http://apple.co/1WO8470

Barnes & Noble – Nook = http://bit.ly/1PDDPtD

To sum up, the summing up –

Does this collaboration with ‘Pronoun’ as my publisher mean that I am no longer self-published?

The answer is that I’m not sure. What do you think dear reader?

I will devote an in-depth post to ‘Pronoun’ in the coming weeks as we  bed down together but what I can say is that communication between us is easy; every question answered and resolved. Would I recommend using the ‘Pronoun’ platform to other writers? At this point in our relationship, I’d give an emphatic ‘YES’ so watch this space for a detailed review. If you want to talk to me about ‘Pronoun’ or anything else just SHOUT!

UPDATED !(Monday 16th Nov) !!! Now then – as you’ve read this far I believe you need a reward.

Leave a comment and I’ll pick THREE names at random from my black fedora and send a FREE copy of the latest eBook incarnation of “The King’s Jew. Book One.”


“Now there’s a bargain,” as a gypsy friend of mine used to say.

Best wishes


26 thoughts on ““The King’s Jew” – Its Journey and a FREE COPY for YOU!

  1. I had been wondering what was up with this. I would love to read TKJ v.2.0.


  2. I had wondered what was up here. I would love to read TKJ v.2.0


  3. No one travels alone. Nor is publication the end of the road.The new cover is more compelling. I hope your relationship with ‘Pronoun’ is fruitful. Now, Sir Darius, where the hell is book 2 hiding? Your audience is waiting its birth.


  4. Wowzer, I hope you are on your way again. I think the new cover has more modern appeal and the extra tittle added is a fair compromise. Good luck.


  5. Who is the model, there may be Copywriter issues?


  6. Wonderful, news, Darius. Happy to see you kept the title and I hope the new arrangement with the publisher is a satisfactory one. I look forward to hearing your feedback and guidance on this. Good luck, best wishes, and congratulations,


  7. I hope your new venture goes well for you, Darius. Do keep us up to date with your literary progress!


  8. Hi Darius, interesting reading! It seems after a bit of a wobble, you finally came up trumps. I sincerely hope all goes well., Look forward to your continued feedback. Is pronoun the way to go? Time will tell. Good luck and keep us informed. By the way, love the book cover.


  9. Fascinating story. Interested in seeing the blow-by-blow over the next months.


  10. I’m so pleased you kept the title, Darius – it works for me. Good Luck with your venture with ‘Pronoun’ – I hope you realise your dream of a great future for a great book. I’m looking forward to reading Book 2 – please don’t keep it to yourself for too long 🙂


  11. I’m so pleased you kept the title, Darius – it works for me. Good Luck with your venture with ‘Pronoun’ – I hope you realise your dreams for a great future for a great book. Looking forward to Book 2 – don’t keep it to yourself for too long.
    I love the new cover – didn’t know you had long hair when you were young!


  12. I like the changes,although I liked the original also


  13. So glad the title is back. The cover art leaps outward with a story to be told. That title is what makes the book one of those that must be retrieved from the shelf and perused, both front and back. Then, as we all hope will happen – purchased.


  14. As a Jew of the 20th and 21st Century it would be interesting to see what a Jew, in England, in the 14th Century is up to and how he lives his life amongst those who are not members of the tribe


    • Re your comment – all I can say is that it was difficult for the thirteenth-century English Jewish community and this all came to a tragic end in 1290 when the Jews were banished from England’s shores. Though some stayed and kept the faith alive in secret places. You on Facebook ? I see you are a Regency buff – best wishes to you and yours


  15. Interesting to read about your ‘journey’ and I know it will be even more interesting to read the book. I’m glad you kept the original title 🙂


  16. Wow! It sounds like you have been around the block and back with this book. I’m glad you got to keep the original title. I hope that I’m chosen for a chance to read this alas I would love to..thank you for sharing


  17. Always up for the chance of winning a historical fiction book : )


  18. Great news, Darius. The story goes on…


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