Simon de Montfort’s rash decision

A brief observation on just why support for Simon de Montfort’s de facto rule of England failed even though he basically had the King, Henry the Third, in his power after the battle of Lewes and his son, the future Edward the First under ‘house arrest’.
The main economy of England was based on landholdings – the more land you held the more powerful you were.
A King ruled by the consent of his Baron’s his main duty to keep the realm and all those living therein safe.
Here’s how Montfort stepped over the line. Ready?
He made Edward give up not only the many demesnes he already owned but also any estates he may inherit from his father. Montfort wanted those holdings to be given / signed over to his sons.
Now here’s the problem – if Henry died then Edward would inherit the crown. But what use is an impoverished King with no land – no wealth – no POWER? The simple answer is such a King wouldn’t be worth a carrot!
And – if such a situation did come about then Montfort’s family would usurp the King and rule as King’s themselves.
The Barons who had initially sided with Montfort saw this as a threat not only to the monarchy but the status quo in general and so they changed sides leaving Montfort still holding King Henry but when Edward escaped his clutches the die was cast and the end game played out at Evesham.
Maedieval Evesham Abbey
Montfort reached for the stars and found only the bloody ground of Green Hill on August fourth 1265. Most of these points are covered in my book “The King’s Jew”. You can see it here


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